Concrete Mould Release Oil

For formwork manufactured from timber, steel, fibreglass plastics and flexible materials.
Ready for immediate application, this oil may be applied to damp formwork, is compatible with most types of cement and colour additives and has no unpleasant odour. The active chemical ingredients promote a uniform, matt, stain-free surface to concrete which reduces the incidence of blow holes and surfaces blemishes while providing a clean, positive, release - even from intricate castings.

Concrete mould release promotes a water repellent and rust inhibiting interface that protects timber and steel formwork for several weeks, being unaffected by strong sunlight, drying winds or foot traffic. Pre-treatment and continued use on timber forms will prolong life and give progressively improved results.


DO NOT DILUTE. For optimum performance, apply a thin and even coat to clean forms, using spray equipment, absorbent applicators or squeegees.
For new ‘unsealed’ timber forms, pre-treatment is recommended with a second coat applied prior to use.
Coverage will vary from 25 to 60 sq. m/litre - dependent on type of form, porosity, texture
of surface and ambient temperature.

Data Sheet